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Declaring an accident


  • In the event of an accident, call the police to report the accident (especially where injury occurs) or fill in and sign the amicable settlement form together with the driver of the other vehicle involved.
  • You must then declare the accident to your insurance company or to your insurance company's correspondent in the country where the accident occurred or to the Motor Insurer's Bureau of the country where the accident occurred. It is not necessary to use an official declaration form to declarethe accident.
  • In all cases, the declaration of the accident must include the following information which you should record while at the place where the accident occurred.
    • Date and place of the accident
    • Description of the material damage caused
    • Details of the injured parties (registration plate, full name of owner / driver / injured party)
    • Your own contact details and details of your vehicle
    • The name of your insurance company, Green Card number and insurance policy number
    • Description of the circumstances of the accident
  • To declare the accident before the Motor Insurer's Bureau-Greece, use the Accident Declaration Form here.

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